K-YAKS/Ken Ludmer


Hi, I’m Ken Ludmer and I will be yakking on a wide range of topics here on newclevelandradio.net  The name of my podcast is KYaks.GURU and I welcome you to tune in as well as participate.
My YAKING includes my traveling days, I will be telling and asking for stories from the road, that’s where you come in.

  • I will have topics of interest from a therapist’s point of view., which I am! (The therapy sessions could be live call-in where they ask and I answer. )
  • I will get involved in the coming election, a bit controversial.
  • I will talk about film, as I have written film reviews since my days starting with the French new wave.
  • I may include “cookin’ with Ken” with some of my favorite recipes.
  • I will also have guest interviews covering sports,  arts, books, and much more.
  • I have plans to interview a homeopathic vet who treats animals with a cold laser and a chiropractic tool.
  • My desire is to be the host of an interactive podcast where we put out topics of interest and go from there.

I am just getting warmed up!